Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Stuffed Weekend

Travis, who is based in Jakarta came to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend and stayed over at our place. A few of us were out at Ruums last Friday night - it's a HUGE place, with pool tables, cosy couches and hanging rattan seats. Jungle Jerry was the DJ that night. Best of all, the place is airy - so, no smoky-smelling hair and clothes when we came out of the place.

Now, some of us were hanging around, screaming into each other's ears to make conversations and M went and explore the place a bit - He, Tim and Chris came a bit late as they had just crossed over from Loft to check out this quite new night-spot.

A man came out from nowhere and hugged him, kissed him on the cheek and shoved a drink into his hand..... This is really funny - M told him spontaneously : I am not of de gay...I like the titty and not the peepee.... He was let go. Gotta give him credit for handling the situation well.

Anyway, the three of them left soon after as Ruums had probably 5 men to 1 woman ratio... Sausage factory, they said. Men....

The next day, I took Travis to Sri Nirwana Maju for their great-tasting banana leaf rice meal. He had chicken briyani rice while I had white rice with squid curry and fried the yummylicious mango lassi. Second time I had banana leaf meal this week.

With visitor in town, we have been eating out the whole weekend starting from Zen, the Japanese restaurant on Friday night to banana leaf on Saturday for lunch followed by Las Carretas for dinner. I had grilled lamb cutlets.

Today, I visited my old neighbour and they bought me chicken/roast pork rice, bergedil and ais kacang for lunch. I have now just came back from a seafood feast of chillie crab, drunken shrimps, stir fried haricots, lemon chicken and fried noodles at The Crocodile Farm.

I have to go on a diet now.....

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