Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Romona's Surprise B'day Dinner Do

I went with Barry to a surprise birthday dinner for Romona.

Romona was as classy as ever and even more glowing with the pregnancy - She and Andre make a beautiful couple.

Actually, I was the one who ended up being pleasantly surprised with a near-fine dining restaurant at SHAH ALAM!!! An 8-minute drive from our home.... I still can't believe it.

It's called Eat Workshop...and it's right at our backyard..

I had :

Starter : Salmon Tartare (very nice!)

Mid-course : Squid ink pasta with pan seared scallops topped with feta cheese (was yummy but a just tad too well-done)

Main : Pan seared sea bass with risotto pancakes in grapefruit butter (the sea bass was very good, so were the rice cakes but I would have reduced the amount of grapefruit butter as it was too overwhelmingly tart in such huge quantity for the delicate fish)

Barry had the beef steak with mushrooms for mains - I tried some - excellently juicy and of great flavour!!

All in all, it was a very great evening - the people, the food and drinks (though you may want to prepare your own wine and such as they do not serve alcohol because of licensing restrictions - the Shah Alam factor? I don't know).

But, I will be back for sure!

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