Saturday, November 03, 2007

My new Roxy sundress!!

Barry spotted a gorgeous sundress from Roxy while we were at the mall last weekend - I tried it on and it just fits so well. They didn't have it in my size for the colour I want but could transfer a piece from another outlet and I was to pick it up a couple of days later.

Monday came. Tuesday flew by. Wednesday, Barry and I were to meet up some friends at night. I came home from work, made fresh mushroom soup and shrimp pasta for us (nephew was in as well - so good to have him over), ate dinner, I took a quick shower and we headed out.

We came home after, I was dead tired and just wanted to get to bed. But, I have this check-my-emails-(life working in 2 different time zones)-and-shower-before-bedtime routine which I stick to religiously......

I grabbed my towel and hey, there on the clothes stand is the sundress!!! Barry had got it earlier that day as a surprise for me and it was hanging there all along. Awww.....

Thanks, B. You. are. amazing.

P/S : He did the same with the engagement ring - placed it right in front of his Superman statue in the glass display for 5 months until the day he proposed - I walked in front of the display like 20 times a day and yet never did see it. That is the beauty of his surprises. He puts in so much of his heart and thoughts into his actions that I can only describe as special, just as he is.