Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Shio Creativity

Shio and I met at Pizza Hut in Klang about almost 15 years ago. We were the Pizza Hut girls!! Great times - nearly always stuffed with pizzas and garlic bread.

In true tradition as girls, we shopped and dined together throughout the last 15 years - more sporadic at certain period of time but always in touch. Always supportive and encouraging.

There was a time in early 2004 when I had just returned from biz trip to Europe, I was so dead tired and was sick too that I slept for a day not realising there were calls and messages coming in.

Having no response from me, Shio came all the way from Klang to Shah Alam where I was staying alone back then to make sure that I was safe. I appreciate a lot that gesture.

Apart from playing and teaching piano, Shio is also very artistic in many other ways - has an eye for beauty. And I think that runs in the family.

Lamp shade MADE by Shio's brother
A basket of Heineken beautifully arranged by Shio - idea from her mom

Amazing, aren't they?

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