Monday, September 04, 2006

Post-Merdeka Post

Merdeka Day (31 August) came and gone.....This is a bit late... was busy over the weekend with guest Travis.

We were shouting Merdeka! (means Independence!)

We had a little get-together over Merdeka eve at Elsa/Beth's place. We were dressed up in the Malaysian flag colours of red, blue, yellow and white or anything Malaysian like Malay baju kebaya/kurung, Chinese cheongsam, Indian sari etc. The girls of course went in full force with theme of the night but with a contemporary twist by pairing traditional tops with jeans or bottoms with T-shirt. See below.

Alex (in Chinese top) & I (in kebaya top)

Mike Owen, dashing in Malay baju and songkok (headgear)

Augusta in Malay kain sarung and T-shirt

Food-wise (or snack-wise rather), we had murukku, keropok and such... and then there were fireworks to be seen from the balcony at the stroke of midnight.
It's a great way to remember our country achieved independence. We (yup, foreigners included) even sang the national anthem Negaraku.

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Jason Dupuis said...

Malaysia Boleh lah!