Sunday, September 10, 2006

What Have I Been Up To?

I have been very busy and will continue to be till end of the year.

From nursing a sick dog to a hacking and sniffling boyfriend to work and also my own personl stuffs.... at least both the pups are better now....

My little wiener taking a snooze...what a pose!

I will be travelling to Japan 18-22 September followed by budget meetings 4-8 October in Kuantan and Singapore. I will then leave for holiday in Canada for 3 weeks from 15 October. Immediately upon return, I have to be in Singapore again for IT training on 7-8 November. So, am busy preparing for these few events.

One of the things I need to do is to get my visas done to enter Japan and Canada.

Most importantly, to organise a cookout with my nieces and nephews after trip to Japan.

We were at Laura Southgate's (wife of my colleague) birthday party last night. Had tons of fun! Great food (they went Indian), wine and champagne. My boss and colleagues were there. I got her a jade choker from Madame Butterfly as pressie. Being the sucker I am, I bought 2 for myself too. Hey, they are gorgeous!

For once in my life, I could not finish a book within 2 days maximum. I am now reading 3 books at the same time - Freakonomics, Animals in Translation and Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, not to mention Cleo magazine's September edition. Jeez, I am becoming very indisciplined in reading...

But, I am having fun doing all these.

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