Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last Post on Birthday 2006

I. am. 32. now.

I still feel 22... lol! My family still treats me like a 2. Being the youngest is quite fun, I'd say.

One example, the last message I received from one of my sisters was yesterday and it went like this : IF YOU WANT TO BUY CLOTHES, LET ME KNOW. I WILL TAKE YOU TO BAYU.

That was sweet of her.. still thinks that she can pick up pretty dresses in bows (actually, shirts and pants cos I was and still very much a tomboy) for her young sis. Ha!

Mom is great - never controlling. And makes the best of comfort food ever!

Apart from her, I love her :
1. long-life noodles ginger soup with sliced pork, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried oysters and ginger omelette
2. Pork tripe peppery soup with mixed clams and abalones
3. Herbal chicken soup

Oh ya, I am a soup fan. Totally.

Am going to Ozmosis Health & Day Spa next Saturday for 3.5 hours of pampering courtesy of B who gave me a voucher for Ozmosis Ultimate Indulgence Package. I am gonna be spoilt max!

I simply can't wait!!!

Life's great with family and a dog (a cat, fish, snake, iguana, chimp...whateva!)!!!

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