Monday, February 27, 2006

Is This Taiwan?

You tell me.....

A land of cutesy girls a la characters in a Japanese manga...
A land where you have cutesy girls dressed delectably and provocatively selling betel nuts and tobacco at street corners to foul-mouthed truck drivers ...
A land where you can find more Japanese restaurants than any other...
A land where men are totally clueless about fashion...drab and dull...

Sigh..I fell in love with the food... Yea, I.Am.A.Pig.Therefore.I.Am.

Fell in love with the night martkets too...

Bought a delicious mocha coloured great quality cardi-jackets for USD8!

3 pairs of Mexx inspired workpants for USD12.50 each.

Lots of belly dancing costumes too...almost bought a sexy wrap top with jiggly coins sewn to it..too bad, they ran out of turquoise colour..otherwise, would have to part with another USD20... Sigh! Been dreaming about it though..Sigh!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Memory of Stephane

Stephane, we have met so briefly
Yet I was touched deeply
By your strong silent presence
Am really sad now to feel your absence
What a tragedy!

I will always remember
The strawberries and sugar
dessert which you made
And, the half marbled cheesecake

Spiced and peppered with your humour...

Had I known before I left
That we never again will meet
I would have told you that I was glad to meet you
And instead of a handshake, I would have hugged you
May you rest in peace.

ROAD CRASH:French engineer Audre Luc Stephane, 39, of Johor, and Chan Yoo Chong, 61, of Gopeng, were killed when their vehicles collided at 46km of the Pos Slim-Kampung Raja Road near Cameron Highlands about 3.30pm on Sunday.
The Star 14 February 2006

Till today, I still feel like it was a dream...

Makes me appreciate people even more. One never knows what happens next.