Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Poopy Was Sick....

My favourite dog, Claudia was really sick early this week due to her own gluttony and also partly my fault.

I gave her a piece of bone (about 5cmX4cmX2cm) to chew on Monday night. Thinking that it is pretty big for such a small dog to swallow, I allowed her to play with it unattended and we went to bed.

We woke up to a gritty grainy sandy bed.... yup, bones.

She chewed the leg bone of lamb to bits and swallowed it all (some left on the bed, of course) - and thereafter, those bones were out again, some the size of a marble (and mind you, she ain't no ruminating cow). Gave me a real fright knowing that she had ingested the whole bones, pretty jagged as it was a cooked bone.

I cleaned up the mess and she ate her usual kibbles after vomitting. I saw the good appetite as a sign that she was ok.

Anyway, I had to leave for work and rushed home at lunch to check on her. She was still retching. This time, out came her dog food eaten that morning. Subsequently nothing else ingested (even water) could stay in her. Her pukes were all over the home, our bed, the guest room's bed, rugs.... I called up various vets and friends who have dogs to seek advice. I was recommended a 3 vets with x-ray facilities. Chose the one at Taman Megah as it was the nearest and have heart good things about him before.

X-ray was taken - no sizeable bone was found, squeeze checks made - no yelping in pain, meds fed (to coat the stomach walls and intestinal linings) and all that.

We came home and I washed the sheets before I went off again to work She was better that night....

...but started vomitting again the next morning. She continued to have the yakk attack, with traces of blood - wasn't herself, lifeless and weak. By then, I was terrified, mortified, whatever. I felt like I was losing her. Man, did I really pray. In many ways, I am there for her and she is there for's a very special relationship, my dog and me.

What I have missed out on doing was to check to ensure that the offensive bone was totally gone from our home. And that wiener had kept remnant of the bone somewhere and being the dog she is, enjoyed it the 2nd night around. The bed was gritty grainy and sandy again......
I cleaned up another round of the mess, washed sheets again and went off to work. Again, I went home at lunch to check on her.

Sick Puppy - She really is dishevelled in this pic. Shaggy.

And poopster was weaker than ever. She didn't even do her usual barking when I got home. I was horrified, called up Sham, my good ex-neighbour now friend and asked for her advice. She said that her vet had recommended soft scrambled (without fat - using non-stick pan) or soft boiled egg and some glucose for the dog to regain some energy. I called up the vet again too. He said to bring her in again to check.

I cooked and egg and fed her half of it - she wolfed it down - she was hungry after all. Couldn't find Glucolin (glucose). Again, I set off to work (it was piling up fast) as Barry finishes work early on Wednesdays. So, he could monitor her condition.

Poopster was stronger and no more puking - Barry fed her the balance half of the egg 2 hours later. And that night, she finally defecated and was back to her normal bratty, ratty self.

Never again will I give her any more bones. It can be fatal ingested ESPECIALLY cooked bones. If you have to give your dog bones to clean their teeth, make sure you watch them.

This whole week had been a week of checking her vomit and poo for traces of blood. And no, it didn't come across as nasty to me as I was very very worried.

I am so relieved now that she is fine.

Ahhh, much better!!!

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