Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Third Floor, JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I had a quiet dinner yesterday at Third Floor. Our table was the only one occupied when we arrived at 7pm. We were joined by a table of 8 person at Third Floor just as we were finishing dinner.

Amuse bouche - savoury tart
My pan seared foie gras with poached peach and balsamic (RM88)
Lobster with spicy tagliatelle (RM168)
I know this does not look too great here.. but it really is divine!! My wagyu beef cheek with Sarawak pepper and red wine shallot sauce served with mushrooms, mash and vegs. (RM88)

No matter how many times I told myself not to have beef cheeks after foie gras, I seem to forget that whenever I make my food selection. I love both foie gras and wagyu beef cheeks equally.... a lot!

My dinner partner also ordered poached peach served with sauternes jelly & vanilla ice cream. It was wiped clean. So, it must be pretty good.
downed with Taittinger champagne - thankfully I could still fit into my wedding dress after!

French Night at Elsa and Beth's

Elsa and Beth hosted "French Night" just last Sunday. Before, there had been a tapas night, Italian night and so on at their place.

This time, I chose the starter and soup, Elsa made the main course and Beth went for the dessert.

At Elsa's suggestion, I took up the challenge to make pissaladiere. After checking the recipes available, I decided to make 2 versions : one with thin crust pizza dough and the other, with pate brisee.... I didn't try the puff pastry version as it would take up too much time as I have not the confidence yet to tackle making puff pastry from scratch.

I topped them both with caramelised 1 kg of thinly sliced onions (which I added cassis liquer to perfume), nicoise olives and anchovy slices. I also added some sliced peppers just for the colour and taste.

Thin crust pizza dough version.

Pate brisee version

Verdict : Personally, I prefer that with pate brisee for that melt in the mouth feeling but it can be difficult to eat with all those crumbs.

My courgette soup - I am in love with courgettes.
Elsa made haricot verts with almond slivers to go with beef bourguignon
Elsa's beef bourguignon which consumed a whole bottl e of red wine, lots of shrooms and caramelised shallots.
And also mashed potatoes
Beth's crepe suzette with plenty of zest and grenadine and vanilla ice-cream!

We were all so stuffed at the end of dinner but it was so satisfying esp. with the wines that went with the meal.


Bachelorette Part III : Girls meet Boys....

In another part of the city, Supergroom was busy saving the day...
Chilling the beer (thanks Mike Owen for the pic)
Lighting up a cig (Pic from Mike Owen)
Nuking dinners..... (Pic from mike Owen)
The boys meet the girls at the end of the night......
Me with the boys (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Group pic with almost everyone (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Girls just wanna have fun (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Me & Elsa (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Beth & Tim (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Rani, Marc-Andre and Sai (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Jenn, Beth and Bob (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Laura & Leon (Pic from Stacy Koh)
It was a real fun and funny night thanks to our friends who planned and brought the whole evening to life.

Bachelorette Part II : La Bodega for Tapas and More....

We went out for tapas at La Bodega to continue our girls' night out. I have always loved tapas esp. at La Bodega. this night was even more special for the time and efforts that everyone has put in.

The Grub for hungry girls :

Eggplant in a mild spicy sauce
Button mushroom in a creamy garlic sauce
Grilled salmon
Sausages and potatoes in a sweet onion sauce
Bruschetta and omelette (I think)
Dian's fish, spinach and mash
Congratulatory cake pour moi.
Me putting the "magic" wand to good use.
The tiara goes up again.
Me in my garb for the night....
Asking for help with my "tasks" from Les Girls.
Thankfully, I met some supportive and helpful people.
Another helpful soul...
And another...
And another..... but with conditions....
......the drink must be a Flaming Lamborghini...

Was glad I stuffed myself silly with food prior.....

More next.... surprise, surprise!