Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Just came back from a weekend stay downtown (my birthday!) - away from home, away from 3rd wheel, our pup (missed her a lot though). We had been so busy from before the wedding and wanted a bit of quiet time.

Had Italian dinner last night - freshly shucked oysters with Veuve Clicquot, my fave creamy mushroom soup with a dash of truffle-infused oil, freshly-made tagliatelle with spicy huge shrimp sauce and rounded off with terrine of trio chocolate. Barry had his garden greens with a twist - crunchy walnuts, crusted mackerel and vanilla ice-cream parfait on layers of blueberries and strawberry jelly. All these food and no pictures... didn't want to kill the mood :o)

It started with a bouquet of a dozen red roses which arrived on Friday at work... totally surprised me. Anonymous but from the message, it had the style of the hubby stamped all over.

Today, we had dim sum breakfast at Ming Room, BSC before heading home. It's hard to catch breakfast by 10.30am at hotels when on a holiday... Just found out that Ming Room offers a 20% discount before 12pm.
That's the pearl stud earrings I got from Barry... Picture from Mikimoto site. Been wanting to get a new pair since I lost one side of my previous set down the bathtub some years back.
New vs Old
Silver white - Pink undertones
18KWG - 18KYG
6.5mm - 8mm

Realised that my taste has changed over the years (prefer white over pink and I like bigger pearls now). It must be age.....

It was a great weekend! I love birthdays!

P/S : Just loved the comfort of Crocs Rx Silver Fox that Barry got me... His clinic, Back In Motion Chiropractic Centre carries the Rx range. I got the tan one... It helps a lot to support the arch of my (flat) feet.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In the papers - The Star, 3 Sept 2008 (Clove)

Two months after Barry appeared in Tatler (Malaysia) - July, here we are in the news thanks to Alexandra Wong, a writer friend who hooked us up with one of her friends Chow Ee-Tan :

I thought it was to be out in The Star (Clove) on 4th Sept but actually it was the 3rd. So, as I was driving to work on Wednesday, my phone started to beep..... and beep... and beep. Both Barry and I had tons of friends and family buzzing us that day about it.... ok, we were teased by some too.... LOL!

And... I found out who reads the paper in the morning, at work, at lunch, at night or the next day :o)

Photo by FIFOTO Photography.

Hope to update more but there is a lot on my plate for now.