Monday, December 03, 2007

I haven't been blogging for a while..... a lot happened and a lot is still happening.... The Friday before I left for Paris/Beaune on 12th Nov, my mom had her biopsy. She had found a lump the size of a tiny red bean in her right breast just the weekend before and we immediately sent her in to be checked on the following Monday followed by the biopsy on Friday.

Though worried, I tried to remain positive. It was hard being away and every call and every message made my heart skipped a beat. The results came in on Thursday and it was not good news..... Mom was admitted on the Monday (thankfully I managed to arrive KL in the morning of Monday before her surgery) to be prepped for removal of her right breast and her axillary lymph nodes the next day.

We explained to her the procedures and that she will lose a breast at the end plus an incision will be made at the armpit area... She told the doctor "Potong semua, kasi bersih" (Cut all, make it a clean cut). I must admit that I am very proud that she took it all calmly and has remained strong throughout.

Even after the surgery, she tried to remain cheerful despite the pain. She was hospitalised for a week and was a very good patient. It broke my heart to see her that way. I couldn't stop my tears.... It's so unfair....

There was more waiting after the mastectomy - the tissues removed were sent in to be checked to ascertain the spread and to know if it was removed in time. Results was just out 29th Nov. It has already spread and 15/15 of the axillary lymph nodes are affected. It was really hard for all of us kids to take the news. We cried, we washed our faces and tried to put a brave front especially in front of mom. Middle of this month, we will know the full extent and will decide on what the best treatment is for her condition.

If you are reading this, I hope you can say a prayer for my mom to be completely healed after the next course of treatment.

Mom still remains positive despite knowing the test results and I just have to do the very same. She really is a great woman.

We can only hope and pray for the best.