Friday, September 22, 2006

Japan 20 September 2006

I woke up feeling the drain from lack of sleep (waking up at 7am after so little sleep the night before is no fun) but the birthday wishes I received via sms and email really cheered me up.

So, meetings and more meetings...... head pounding, eyes refusing to stay open, mouth wanting to open and yawn..... but, the will won. We had superb meetings.

View from Conrad International Hotel's Kazahana Japanese restaurant on the 21st floor where we had a very rushed 40mins lunch. I had unajyu (grilled eel on rice) set. It was good but sigh! Gordon Ramsay at Conrad Tokyo and Cerise brasserie by Gordon Ramsay was just next door to Kazahana!!!...if only we had more time....

Some idea of the industry I am in......I love it! So much to learn, so many people from different walks of life to meet. I was told more than once and beyond that I am a workaholic...maybe... I dunno...I don't think so. I call it passion.

Birthday Dinner - Teppanyaki at Miyako, Azur Takeshiba
Starter - Teppanyaki Goose Liver
Finished Product - Foie Gras from Hungary cooked in Japan eaten by a Malaysian... what a global food chain!

Spiny lobsters being peppered
Cooking the lobsters on the hot plate

Mid-course - Worth killing for.... I remembered one of The Simpsons episodes where their pet lobster was accidentally cooked in the pot while getting a hot bath... Homer's guilt was gone the moment he tasted the meat.

Peppers, Pumpkin, Eggplant and a type of Japanese potato being grilled. There were also the usual bean sprouts and condiments, a miso soup and salad for each of us.
My tenderloin (haha) and others' sirloin being grilled - see the fatty chunk left at the side? That's to be fried up and served to us with some left behind to flavour the garlic rice later.
Nearly done....
Me - waiting patiently for my beef main course.... thats the face of having slept a total of 6+ hours over last 2 nights. And oh, see my "temporary" phone? Nokia - rented from Vodafone, soon to be changed to Softbank.
Dessert - chocolate apple tart, strawberries, melon and strawberry sorbet. One thing for sure, the dessert was much, much fresher than the bday gal.
Me - 2 years old...... LOL! See the pendant I was wearing? That's from B.
My bday cake..... le moelleux au chocolat (my fav!). Everybody at the restaurant sang bday song.... made me feel supershy then. I shared this tiny beauty with the others.

Then, one of the chefs performed magic tricks for us. Was fun to watch.... It's great to be child-like at times.

Rounded off the night with a glass of kir royal at the hotel. Absolutely decadent!


irenekay said...

hey babe!!! happy belated bday!!! looks like its fun in Japan...mebbe my next travel list...hrmm.... :P

Diary of Kay El said...

Thanks againlah! It's like a week-long affair, isn't it? Japan is always a joy for me to go to but this trip was terribly short - 7 meetings in 2 days! But again, blessing in disguise. Otherwise, I will be drained of my moolah given the time to shop.... A must visit!