Saturday, September 23, 2006

Japan 21 September 2006

A very, very tired Karen was inflight ....

Having finished all important discussions with various main EPC companies in Japan, I flew home. Tons of stuffs in my mind... my to-do list was getting longer. I dislike clutter of any kind with the exception of the one in my car trunk. It must be a compost bin by now....

I flew Japan Airlines for both flights to and fro KLIA. Wasn't up to eating and drinking except for yuzu drink on my way to Japan so I decided to write about the trip home instead.

For my return trip, I was one of the last to enter the cabin as I was busy doing last minute shopping, sending postcards at the airport and then went to the lounge to chill and check e-mails.

Japanese cheese cake and strawberry chocolate daifuku for the little nieces and nephews at home.

So, I had in my hands boxes of Japanese confectionary (yup, I assume everybody loves food as much as I do!), laptop, luggage bag and handbag. I was struggling to put the luggage bag into the overhead compartment. No help given (cabin was filled with Japanese men and cabin staff were a distance off). The guy next to my seat was motionless, stared straight ahead and sat as though he was the Rock of Gibraltar. I always have someone offering help onboard but not this time. Anyway, a stewardess finally came and assisted me. I noticed there were no steward onboard both JAL flights I took. Pretty sexist, I must say.

At one point when I had to go to the loo, he refused to get up but instead lifted his legs to sit cross-legged on his seat. I must give him credit though for loosening up a bit after awhile. Was a bit more helpful later on. Helped me bring down my laptop and the bag of food when we were about to disembark. There is hope after all!

Menu and Wine List

I choose the Japanese set with a glass of Piper Heidsieck champagne as aperitif, Labouré Roi Chablis 2004 to go with my meal and finished off with Bailey's. The whole meal was perfect. One of the better biz class meals I've had.

Western lunch menu

Japanese lunch menu

White wine list

Red wine list

Throughout the journey, I had lots of yuzu drink and water (they provide small Evian bottles). They also offer Sky Udon, Sky Ramen, Sky Soba (all instant cup noodles), Onigiri, ice-cream and sandwiches as snacks thoughout the flight anytime you want. And also dry Natto and mixed Japanese crackers and nuts.

My lunch onboard - can't even figure out which to start with. Literally too much on my plate.
My dessert - I chose fresh fruits over pastries and cakes. Love fresh figs!

Shiseido skincare in the toilets and moisturising eye masks and face masks were also available so that one's skin is rehydrated.

Service onboard was impeccable!

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