Friday, September 22, 2006

Japan 19 October 2006

I have always liked Japan - however, this trip was a bit dreaded as my flight left KLIA at 11.55pm on 18th and it was an overnight flight (scheduled to arrived Tokyo Narita at 6.55am - which is 5.55am Malaysian time). So, one can imagine how very little sleep I had. Maybe 1 hour or so.... too many people snoring all at once before I fell asleep! I would have no problem if I had fallen asleep first before the snorers.

I had to catch the 7.44am Narita Express train to get into Tokyo city - now, 54mins to get out of the plane, get a ticket for Narita Express and rent a 3G phone before boarding the train is not so bad at all in Japan (though as stressed as I was with the thought) as they are very efficient.

My problem was the flight left 25mins late from KLIA. I arrived Narita at 7.20am and literally ran all the way through to get pass immigration and did all that I had to do. I did it!!!

However, the worst had yet to come..... My contact in Japan was to met me at Tokyo station at 9.04am (mind you, Narita Express is 5 levels below ground, I think) and whisked me off in a taxi for a 15mins ride to the hotel where I had to deposit my bags plus meet my 2 bosses and take another taxi to see customer for the first meeting at 10am. And there were THREE meetings back-to-back,

I had to change in the toilet of the moving train - out of my hoodie and sweatpants into my biz suit. No chance to shower that day till 7pm at the end of the work day. I was terribly self-conscious for not having showered the last 24 hours. The consolation : confirmed that I am not OC. I thought I was as I love showers.... up to 3 a day. Phew!

And I finished about 2am on my first day in Tokyo.

The same full day followed - and it was my birthday too! Out by 8.10am and finished by midnight.

On 21st, I had to leave hotel at 8.50am for my flight home.

Tiring though it was, I managed to capture some great moments during the 2.5 days there.

19 September 2006 - Dinner at Seryna, GINZA
We wanted teppanyaki and was recommended Mon Cher Ton Ton in Roppongi but as fate would have it, the taxi driver couldn't read the map well and dropped us at their sister (or brother) restaurant, Seryna in Ginza. Their specialty is shabu-shabu (esp. their Kobe beef) and none one us craved that. So, the closest we could get was grilled Kobe beef on a hot plate.

Our wine for the night - am not a connoisseur but I think it was pretty good.

Boss' sushi starter platter - I know, I know....he helped me with this photo. They are great people.

My lobster with curry mayonnaise starter - cholesterol what? yum!

Our Kobe beef - still makes me drool everytime I think about it - it really is that good! They used the fat from the beef to oil the grill. Oh man, best beef I have had, ever!

After dinner, we went to a champagne bar - woohoo! I had just a glass of Gardet.

When I got back, I opened up the card and gift that Barry had given before I left for Japan. Was sweet of him to want me to open a gift on my birthday.

And I also got a nice video clip from him at, not of the obscene kind (ha!) but a birthday video clip from pup (wearing a party hat) and him which brought a lump to my throat. At that point, I really wished I was home.

But no, I was in a hotel in Tokyo, tired and stressed and had to work till almost 2am to clear urgent emails.....

Before I went to bed, I played the clip over and over again till I fell asleep. It was a great comfort and made me feel lucky and thankful.

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