Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year 2008 and Barry's Birthday!

We were invited to a new year's eve BBQ in Bangsar and Barry got his birthday cake at midnight.
Barry surprised to see a cake for him.
Barry's first birthday cake for 2008. It says "Happy Birthday Punk and Happy New Year"

The bottle in his hand looks deceiving as he hardly drinks.
Aaron popping the bottle of bubbly to herald in the new year and pouring it for everybody...


On new year's day, about 40 friends and family members (my mom came too! - she wouldn't want to sit at home and miss out on the celebration - such a strong person she is) got together at the poolside to surprise Barry. Pictures were blurry so not many at all to post.
Everybody was waiting for Barry to arrive - he was supposed to be meeting the boys for a game of frisbee....
There was a whole lamb roasted that came with mint sauce and Dijon mustard, fried calamari, chicken fingers and button mushroom with tartare sauce, salad, pita bread with dips, Hawaiian and Margherita pizza, chocolate brownies from Janice and noodles - fried Hokkien-style from Sai and Elsa.

Birthday cake - Raspberry Cheesecake from my bro.
Elsa and Scott helping with the candles.
Sai - the man with the lighter.
Thanks goes out to Shio, Elsa, Sai, Mark, Dian, my family and everybody who attended.



mama bok said...

Happy birthday .. Barry..!! he must have felt really special.. :)

Diary of Kay El said...

Thanks - was good to spend a major part of his day with family and friends - and he got his Superman statue that he had been waiting for, for years!

Jenn said...

Hi Karen,

Glad you guys had a great time...too bad we couldn't make it! Happy Belated Birthday to Barry-:)