Saturday, January 26, 2008

Langkawi - January 2008

We have just returned from a weekend getaway from Langkawi 2 weeks' ago. Apart from spending time with 11 friends, we managed to squeeze in some time to look at venues for our wedding (more about that once things are more firmed). I know, I know... was supposed to set up a website just for wedding preparation but I simply have not much time to document every detail.Me - Back to Tg. Rhu beach where Barry proposed exactly 4 months ago.
Me, my fiance Barry (hehe) and Marc-Andre at the little resto on Tg. Rhu beach. Seriously, this little shack at Tg. Rhu beach (just about 200m from Tg. Rhu resort) has one of the nicest fried squids I have ever had.... and only at RM4.00/100gms. We didn't have them the last time we were there in September since Barry booked an all-inclusive all-you-can-eat package at Tg. Rhu Resort.

Sorry, pictures are tiny - mooched them of a friend's Facebook album.

For one of our dinners this time, we went to Kantan Restaurant; a traditional Malay home turned into a restaurant. It looked better in person than in the pictures below.

Red-faced me... got too much sun while playing beach volleyball - I put sunblock all over myself but I forgot my face... not a smart move...
The doorway at Kantan...
The group...
The ceiling at Kantan....
Fried popiah (spring roll) - they were humongous; like half a foot each before they were cut into 2 - RM8 for the whole platter...
Laura's order of Kantan Salad - again, superbig...
Our beef rendang - we asked for white rice; they offer nasi kunyit turmeric rice too... very tender beef.... Langkawi style, not spicy enough for my taste... RM18/plate
Fried squid with chilli sauce - I love fried squids! RM9.00/100gms and we ordered the minimum 150gms.
Fried kailan with dried shrimps - RM15
It wasn't cheap for local food but again, it's about paying for the ambience.
I have to say that service was not too good; slow, haphazard - maybe we were a big group and some of our friends had their beef rendang arrived well before their rice (and wrong type of rice was delivered, causing extra waiting time to exchange). So, rendang went cold when the right rice finally came. However, they did not charge for the rendang which was nice of them.

Great if you want to have an insight into a Malay house and to try some local speciaties (though they do offer burgers and such, I would not recommend the burgers - they say "homemade" but Leon and Laura ordered them - looked and tasted like Ramly frozen burger patties). Understandably, since one wouldn't order a steak at a Chinese or Indian restaurant, for example.
Kantan Restaurant
PT78, Pantai Tengah, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi.

Opening HoursFrom 3pm to 11pm daily.

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