Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bangkok 2008 - Regional Meeting

Regional meetings are always intense - preparation for possible questions, lots of numbers to churn out before the meeting, presentations to be made on market situation, performance, action plans, strategies, objectives, goals etc etc... But, time is also set aside for everyone to mingle and have some tete-a-tete.

This time, we had our 2.5-day meeting at Hyatt Erawan Bangkok and as usual, lunch is always at the hotel for obvious practical reasons. However, we headed out for our dinners (though most of us did have our pre-meeting dinner at the hotel since we arrived late in the evening).

The first night, we went to Moon Bar for a drink followed by dinner at Banyan Tree rooftop restaurant, Vertigo.

View from Moon Bar
Amuse bouche of smoked salmon
Roast Duck Salad
Pumpkin Soup
Palate Cleanser - tangy citrus sorbet - super tart!
Beef Steak - all of us who ordered steak wanted medium but got well-done and nothing was done about it.
Vanilla ice-cream with apples - too sweet

All in all, we thought food wasn't good and prices were high - I guess we were paying for the view and ambience more than the food.

The following night, we went to Baan Khanitha - food was good and since I had been there nearly every time I went to Bangkok, no food pics. I did take pics of with the wine consumed though... some serious Grand Crus...

My friend who is working in Bangkok suggested Blue Elephant the next time....

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mama bok said...

i would have returned the steak. Btw.. check your email.. i sent you one.. ;)