Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas 2007

My pressies from B : Kitchen Aid mixer (I am so in love with this baby!). I also got a cocktail dress, a chocolate/cream sweater and pair of Roxy jeans.
Basket on left from Shio (filled with beautifully-packed delicious roast almonds topped oat cookies which she baked). Basket on right was originally filled with a bottle of red wine and 2 boxes of cookies from Shio. I filled it with packages of my chocolate chip cookies. These cookies were handed out to guests who came for Christmas eve dinner.
Mike, Mark, Dian and Janice - Janice made the most delicious chocolate mint brownies.
Barry, Aaron and Sunny - we kept to the tradition of having a roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce and roast potatoes. I also made meatballs, fried spicy chicken wings and cheesy potato kugel but in a dish instead of individual balls.
Claudia placed on the bar chair; she was licking the guests' feet before. I made a drink just for Christmas : Sprite, cranberry juice, mint leaves, lime and orange slices. Very pretty with shades of green and red.

The next day which was Christmas, we had the whole family over - glad mom could come; exchanged pressies and had lunch of roast lamb, roast potatoes, more chicken wings, nuggets, cheese-filled sausages, brownies and potato kugel.

Then for dinner, we had Jeff and Dian over for dinner of roast chicken and potatoes.

I was very tired after having guests over for 3 consecutive meals but all worth it as it was so much fun. Christmas is really a time to be with friends and family and a time to share. It is really a precious moment for me to see the kids' joy and to hear their laughter.

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mama bok said...

That's wonderful..!! i wished i was as brave as you .. ;) maybe this year.. ;)