Thursday, January 10, 2008

Les Amis, Singapore

I was totally surprised when my boss proposed lunch meeting just this last trip to Singapore - I thought it would be at the bistro at our office building but I was wrong! We went to the famed Les Amis situated at Shaw Centre (of which I had been salivating and drooling over for months.)

Sorry, no pictures though as it would not be so proper to take snaphots at this establishment. We went for 3-course business luncheon menu. Ironically, we went for the same selection for all 3 courses :

Starter : Pan-seared foie gras with caramelised fig
Main course : Half-roasted Maine lobster with sauteed artichoke, cherry tomato confit and haricot vert
Dessert : Grand Marnier parfait served in chocolate cone with citrus fruit salad

accompanied by a half-bottle of Morey-Saint-Denis 1999 as recommended by the sommelier.

We were served complimentary amuse bouches before meal and Canel├ęs + raspberry jelly (pate de fruit) at the end of meal.

Strongly recommend this restaurant for its good food, service and ambience (and wine selection, if you are a wine connoisseur or just love wine).

I wished I had dressed better that day, for the restaurant.... and left some of my work-papers that made my Balenciaga bag bulged, at work.... :o)

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Angie said...

Nice to know that the food is good there. I'm just reading up on Les Amis before my trip to Singapore. My friend's gf (whom I've never met even though they've been dating for years) apparently is one of the Chefs there. Sounds like a nice place!

Btw, there's never a bad venue to take snapshots. ;)