Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rain, rain, GO AWAY!

I don't mind rain - in moderation.. But when it happens every day at 3pm onwards.. and literally bombs with thunder and lightning, it ain't so pretty...

My clothes won't dry properly and I have to wash and re-wash and re-wash unless I am a housewife/domestic goddess or work-at-home person who can bring all the clothes in when the lightning strikes and before thunder.

And oh, the traffic jam (though it's not really the rain's fault tho - just shitty planning with road construction in Malaysia - the major highways are usually flooded) is enough to rob me of whatever sanity that remains.

I hate dampness... I love dry, bright sunshiny days!

This evening, we had power trip twice due to lightning. But it turned out pretty romantic for Barry and I - and poopster.... We lit candles (some in lovely Royal Copenhagen tealight holders) and had a glass of wine each.. we first gave a toast to romance.. yup, we are cheesy sometimes... and we talked and talked..

It really is nice.. no distraction from TV, books and such, we were able to have some moments of focus to just talk deep... And then we opened the sliding door to the patio and we sat there (yes, 3 of us again as the dog likes a tri-party conversation) feeling the cool breeze and watching the lightning in the sky.

It was a beautiful evening... and for this, I don't mind a few lightning and thunder every now and then...


Jenn said...

I love those moments before the rain comes...I love the gloomy weather without the rain, but sometimes, rain can be very romantic as well...see...didn't you enjoy the moments rain brings?

you know what, we should open restaurants instead of blogging away, huh? don't you think? haha


Diary of Kay El said...

Moderation is always the key.. a bit of rain, a bit more sunshine.. LOL! Would love to have a little food place - healthy stuffs.. But need to do more tests on the guinea pig at home. Haha.