Saturday, November 11, 2006

Canada.... Dinner at Port Moody/Da Boys et Famille

We spent the last two days of our Canadian stay with friends. One night with Gary and Catherine in Port Moody and the final night with the boys and some members of their family before we took the too-long-for-my-comfort flight home to Kuala Lumpur, my home sweet home...

I did miss my bed at home... and my family and friend... AND my dog, of course!

We had had real blast with the boys over dinner at Cactus Club on our last night in Vancouver. Food was great there.

Da Boys et Famille
My Dinner, Hawaiian Tuna Poke - I don't know why it's named so hilariously... it's basically diced mangoes (I like!!), ahi tuna etc in some kind of dressing placed in friend wonton wrappers. Picture a bit blurry... hands must be shaking from the hunger. LOL.
B's choice of spicy wings with blue cheese dip
Mel's chicken tortilla with corn chips and guacamole

Earlier in the afternoon, we went shopping at Richmond Centre with Al and his son, Jayden. A bright kid!

Jayden - such a great actor
Cutie this one...

The night before, we had dinner at Jameson's, Port Moody with Gary and Catherine. After dinner, we went to check out their new pad... but ended up watching the boys (Oscar, Gary and B) playing Xbox 360 and watching Ali G. and Borat.

My choice for dinner at Jameson's. - Seared Ahi Tuna with Risotto - Big portion!

Am glad to be back to eating "normal-sized" meals... have been wondering when I will be needing new clothes all the time when I was in Canada....

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