Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back from Canada, Onward to Singapore and Back to Kuala Lumpur

I had to take the 8.05am flight on Monday to Singapore for work even though having just returned from Canada the day before.....No jetlag though tired....

For lunch on the first day, we went to Pete's Place at Grand Hyatt... I had Lobster Spaghetti... wasn't in the mood for pizza nor pasta but clearly I was the only one craving something Asian.

Again, we went to Newton Circus for dinner... can't complain though.. love the mutton satay, oyster omelette, grilled stingray and pepper crab.

I was at my happiest with lunch on Tuesday at Kam Boat Restaurant, Shaw Centre. It was truly a great welcome...oh! the dim sum parcels, the lovely roast pork and roast duck, the soothing hot soup with sharksfin dumpling and the mango pudding... No pictures at all while in Singapore... I was very, very tired. So tired that I skipped dinner on Tuesday after returning from Singapore.

Colleagues from Singapore came to KL office on Wednesday and Thursday.... so, no chance for some peace and quiet again....

I took Irene and Elaine to Little Penang Kafe at Midvalley Megamall for lunch on Wednesday... oh, I realised I do miss local food!!!

Pie Tee (Top Hats)

We also ordered fishball soup, char koay teow and Hokkien mee... all washed down with either sugar cane or coconut drink... Truly refreshing....

As Sow Mun was leaving us, I took three of them to Telawi Street Bistro. It's western but this western, I can tolerate.... My choice of starter to share - Seared Foie Gras with Grilled Chicken Salad
Everybody's choice of starter to share - Starters Tapas - Escargot Vol-au-vent, Scallops with Asparagus, Grilled Portabello Mushroom with Duck and Carpaccio with Sundried Tomatoes
Elaine's choice for mains - Duck Leg Confit
Sow Mun's choice for mains - Halibut with Pasta
My choice for Irene's mains - Seabass with really Crispy Skin... Great aroma!!
My choice for mains - Grilled Field Vegetables - Like a veggie burger (portabello mushrooms, zucchini, onion, poivrons, eggplant) with cheese cracker and salad leaves served with a ring of basil pesto
My choice of dessert for all to share - Strawberries with Reduced Balsamic Vinegar and a dusting of sugar and freshly ground black pepper (yes, pepper). Isn't it lovely to look at?

And the verdict? Both starters were great. So is the dessert choice. As for mains, the seabass was awesome! with the crispy skin.. and my grilled field veggies was light yet filling...

Lunch on Thursday was Thai with 25 staff of a customer of mine to introduce to Irene.... tomyam was appetising... so was the mango salad, green curry chicken, siakap fish Thai style, golden mushroom and vegetables and spicy calamari. I had char koay teow again on Thursday for dinner.

By Friday I was craving for simple foods. So, I had chicken porridge with tons of ginger and a tuna salad for lunch followed by Lok Lok (Fatman's Steamboat) with Barry at USJ Taipan (quail's eggs, century eggs, cockles, clams and liver were my choices - please do not squirm. There are other worse stuffs that people eat.

And today, my momma made me fried salted fish and stirfried pea sprouts to go with plain porridge for brunch. Then, I joined Prawit, Yap and Ian from Thai, KL and Singapore office respectively for banana leaf rice at Sri Nirwana Maju, Bangsar followed by a chocolate mint shake at Bakerzin.

AND, I started cooking again today. I went to Village Grocer's at Bangsar to get stuffs after Bakerzin. A simple mango & avocado salad and grilled salmon steak with pasta.

It's not too bad a week after all!


LPC said...

I think you have a thing for foie gras as a starter! ;-p
Thanks for sharing the pics. Everything looks so yummy!

Diary of Kay El said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I have a thing for foie gras -not just as a starter... whole meal of foie gras will suit me just fine, I believe.