Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ahhh.... C'est Un Bon Weekend!

Weekends are God-sent. I love cleaning and clearing clutters, meeting friends and family, spend time for my hobbies like eating, cooking, baking and such on Saturdays and Sundays...

My this weekend started early - dinner with colleagues at Spring Valley (Midvalley Megamall) followed drinks at Elsa and Beth's place on Friday night.

Dinner was great at Spring Valley, a Chinese restaurant. Let me try to remember what I had.... Been too reliant on photos these days and when I don't take them, I can't remember well....

Ok, we had Sharksfin soup, Peking duck skin wrapped in Chinese Pancakes with Spring onions and cucumbers, Stirfried duck meat, Garoupa fish in 2-style - Fried straight and also, with mango and mayonnaise and coated with batter and fried, Butter prawns, Longlife noodles and Fungus and red dates soup for dessert.

On Saturday, B & I went out on a date - we had a great dinner at the quite-new Tony Roma's @ Sunway Pyramid. We make Saturdays eat-whatever-we-want kinda day... in short, binge-day...So, we went all out for bad food... LOL!

We shared an appetiser platter with Spinach Dip with Tortilla Chips and Sour Cream and Salsa, Red Hot (not that hot, trust me) Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing and their signature Onion Loaf with BBQ Dipping Sauce.
And we had 3 pieces (Full Rack) of Boneless Beef Ribs... Sorry, no famous Baby Back Pork Ribs here... Must be HALAL...
I find the Spinach Dip kind "oily".. like over-microwaved cheese..but yummy nonetheless... As for Onion Loaf, I cannot understand why it's so popular.. maybe it's just me not favouring it... I love the Blue Cheese Dressing but wings are just so-so.. Wings at Earl's in Canada are way much better.

I have had Tony Roma's Baby Back Ribs in Singapore before and I would say I like both the beef and pork version equally... Such tender beef morsels... See the pic?
We had it with sides of baked potato (with sour cream, bacon bits, chives and cheese)and a coleslaw. They have 4 sauces to choose from : Original, Blue Ridge Smokies, Carolina Honeys and Red Hots. You will be spoilt for choice.. Actually, no cos they same quite the same to both of us.
After being stuffed (portions are huge!) with appies and mains, we have no more room for their dessert. So, we left and took a walk at the mall to kill time before our movie started... We went to watch James Bond, Casino Royale. A must-see! I like the actions! I won't mind watching it again.... There is something about the cool-ness of James Bond which I like... Thanks Ian Fleming for creating this character!

B & I used to hang out at Starbucks in the past to talk shop... And the funny thing is both of us are neither coffee nor tea drinkers... We decided to pop by Starbucks after the movie.. He had his usual chocolate frappucino and I had my milk with vanilla.

And we came home satisfied with the feast of the eyes and belly... with the time spent together.

Today, I went to see my momma... she cooked porridge for me as usual... And in return, I gave her the usual kiss on the cheek.. Greatest mom, ever!

And I came home, relax, went out with B to Cold Storage to get groceries and started baking... See the next 2 posts for more....

C'est un bon weekend!


irenekay said...

how can u eat tony romas....without PORKY!!!!!!!!

the one in SG darn delicious...and its PORK!!!

Diary of Kay El said...

no choice... but do try it, the ribs are good! let me know what you think.