Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Food Pics

Irene and I were talking about one of our favourite food, foie gras last Saturday after dinner and I promised to upload some pictures - I lost some of the earlier ones which I had stored in the laptop which was stolen.

Foie Gras at Pataques, Paris

Foie Gras on top of Wagyu Steak at Las Carretas, Kuala Lumpur

Anyway, some non-foie gras food pictures too to remind me to count my blessings...especially the times I have with the meal time companions. Some of the pictures are blurry though... must be the shaking hands before meal times due to hunger.

Poppers - SPICY PEPPERS!!!

Tender Braised Lamb Shank with Tagliatelle

Shrimp and Banana with Curry Sauce - It was actually very GOOD!

Mushrooms Bourgogne

Swordfish with Fries

Lobster Salad

Grilled Sole

Grilled Lamb Rack

Crevette Gris Croquette

Le Moelleux au Chocolat - The best dessert I have had EVER!!!!

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