Monday, August 07, 2006


We were having so much fun staying together past 3 weeks - like hubby and wifey and baby - Awww...(did I sat that out LOUD??!) until we were itchy enough to want to make the place better - change 3 doors, a toilet bowl, change 3 marble tiles which cracked and patch up the parquet floor.

In comes the contractor - who promised to finish everything in 1 day. The 1 day became 2 days and then 3 days and now a week long project.

Contractors - can't live with then, can't live without them.

I have been having difficulty in breathing since they came - not because of their BO. But from the dust of the woodworking and cementing and such. Dust is everywhere, from my dressing table to the chest of drawers, to the towels nicely rolled up in te bathroom, the floor, the bed, on Barry, in my get the drift.

And they took the old toilet bowl away and left us with a hole in the toilet for the weekend. I have been smelling shit the whole time - yea, it's my imagination. I daren't even open the door to that toilet.

And I hate to wear shoes at home - so, have been walking on my tippy toes - I swear my feet are much broader now. Bummer.

Am feeling moody - it's that time of the month again and with home in disarray, it's driving me mental.... Be nice, Karen, be nice...

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