Sunday, July 23, 2006

Au revoir.

It was the end of semester. Thus, many Canadian friends who were lecturing here has left after the expiration of their contracts.

And a few new ones have just arrived.

It is always hard to bid farewell but it is very much part and parcel of life.... So, here are some photos of farewell get-togethers we just had to remember the fun times we had together :

Liam, Steve & Brandyn's Farewell - LAS CARRETAS

The Old and the New....

With my man-lah!

With Brandyn and Leon (Ray Romano's possible face double)

Steve and Liam at dinner table goofing around as usual.

Jason & Paule's Farewell Do

Liam, Mark and Barry...

With Jason...hey, where' s Paule??

Last Nite of Group Nocturnal Activity

What's this Michael Owen, Barry and Liam? Cavity check? I know Liam just had his wisdom tooth removed just before he left - cheap cheap in Malaysia. We should have Dentisto Tourism...

Black or White?

Barry & I; Steve & Brandyn

Mark, Ray Romano (just kidding, Leon) and Dian

Wah!! Beauty Pageant - Brandyn, Me & Elsa

All the best to Liam, Steve, Brandyn, Jason, Paule, Nathan and Aimmie!

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