Saturday, February 16, 2008

Singapore - February 2008 - Les Amis once more....

Les Amis

In January, I wrote about my experience at Les Amis for lunch. This time around, I had the opportunity to dine at Les Amis for dinner. (We were supposed to go to St. Pierre but it was closed for CNY - I nearly kicked myself for not thinking of Les Amis at Botanic Garden).

Oh yeah, so much about being "proper" and not taking pictures - I did take this time, discreetly and without flash when possible.

Sorry, no SGD58 (3-course) nor SGD68 (4-course) set meals for dinner - only the SGD165 set is available. Anyway, as I am not really a fan of set meals )unless the items are those I really adore or if it's simply real good-value-for-money), I opted for ala carte.

Amuse bouche of cod brandade with mashed potatoes on very thin toasts - brandade can be really salty but not this one. It's light and well-presented.
How could I not order foie gras? Well, they DID run out of Alaskan crab legs...Foie gras with apples (no fig, I guess)... SGD60
Wagyu striploin with haricot verts and fries; a side of mixeds greens was also provided. SGD120
Pear and chocolate sorbet (SGD15/scoop)
Specially requested mini molten chocolate cake - was great of them to oblige but as the cakes were small, they were dry as well - comes with a scoop of raspberry sorbet - I can't remember how much.
Complimentary petite fours - the pate de fruit, macarons, canele and chocolates - if you love chocolates, pick from their tray to your heart's content. I chose black sesame and hazelnut.

In conclusion, lunch at Les Amis was better than their dinner.

Mezza9, Grand Hyatt

I wrote about the lobster noodles from Mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore some time back - here is the picture, finally! We asked them to shell the lobsters this time.

We had to ask for more gravy to "soak" the crispy noodles. Though not the best lobster noodles, it's not bad at all. I had this for lunch before dinner at Les Amis.

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