Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

It has been nearly 5 months since Barry and I got engaged! 5 months! And we managed to finalise the date and venue of our wedding.

Now, we have just realised our post-engagement honeymoon is over and I am actually feeling a little bit frantic about the things to do! Invitations, dress for me and bridesmaid, decor, bouquets, PHOTOGRAPHERS, make-up, hair, food, drinks, tea set, accommodation for out-of-towners and the list goes on and on..... Goodness! Time really flies when I don't want it to!

Anyway, am happy to say I have done a few things like scouting for dress and make-up/hair person, made appointments to meet photographers and wedding dress designers.... will see the invites people also.... I felt a bit better after making a few appointments....

We spent our first Valentine's Day after our engagement at home with yummylicious cooked-with-love food and a bottle of bubbly.

We had spicy scallops in half-shells as starter (goes really well with champagne!), BBQed black pepper steak and mango salad. We actually prepared some yams and wings but were too stuffed after the steak.

Lovely May gave a dozen of fresh scallops at the office just for Valentine's Day - bless her! And my colleague gave cilipadi grown by her mom-in-law on the same day. I think we were destined to have great food. And I am so thankful to have awesome, awesome people around.

I chopped up garlic and the cilipadi. Place them on scallops with a drizzle of Maggi Seasoning and sesame oil. Steamed them for 5 mins till opaque and voila! 6 delicious scallops each for Barry and me.

Barry couldn't wait to call me his wife, so he got me a VD card for a wifey. Hehe! Me? I made a card for him this year. Made-with-love by Karen. The lovely box is my VD gift from Barry - a super comfy yoga top and pants. Thanks, B!
My flowers (top of blog) for him was delivered to his clinic the next day as the delivery truck broke down.....
Still, we had a great evening at home with puppy (she got a plate of chunky beef VD dinner) and there is nowhere else I would rather be....
Happy Valentine's Day!

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