Sunday, February 03, 2008

Japan Airlines - Inflight Food

Kuala Lumpur - Narita, Japan
Two Thumbs Up for food onboard JAL! Great presentation and taste.

Japanese rice crackers and fermentd soya bean at take off at both flights - served with drinks of your choice - I had a champagne.

Starter - did I say I loveeee conger eels? My Japanese breakfast.... loved the porridge and salted grilled cod roe and the umeboshi (sour plum)... I can be very Asian most times... ha!

Kansai Airport, Japan - Kuala Lumpur

Little eats to go with aperitifProbably the only thing I didn't like - herring roe (the yellow thingy at the foreground - must be bad memories of herring when I was in Copenhagen).Puffer fish - I wasn't sure if it was the slaughter-with-care-or-you-will-be-dead fish; I ate one piece with caution and though it was nice, I could not bear to eat it all. Pretty dessert - also, there was vanilla ice-cream and fresh fruits (which I had). Soooo delicate!

Service was stellar! The only thing I wished would change was the seats - currently, they are not those that recline 180 deg. And no English women's mags though the Japanese ones are a nice change...

Oh, the Tiffany & Co. stuffs available for sale onboard made me part with some moolah :o(

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