Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sea Salt

I know I can be picky.... especially when it comes to salt in my cooking...

Salt is such an amazing thing! Though I use it sparingly, I can't imagine life without it. It intensifies natural flavours even in sweets like cakes and cookies. In addition, what would I do without those salt preserved goodies like salted fish, vegetables and eggs?

It has a host of other functions in food industry as outlined in :

For its other uses, do look up :

I am on this subject because I have just purchased a jar of French sea salt today at RM12.49 from Cold Storage, Ikano Power Centre.

Actually, I almost bought fleur de sel from Alain Ducasse's collection from Village Grocer, Bangsar. I put the very tiny jar which was priced about RM20+ in my shopping basket but returned it just before check out as I figured that I should be going to France next month anyways, thus, am able to have more brands to choose from.

I intend to use this fleur de sel as a finishing for special dishes. See what Dorie Greenspan has to say about it here.

The last time I bought sea salt was like December last year and there is lots left. But, I couldn't resist when I saw this French sea salt from Nature Quest.

It's origin is the Atlantic Sea off the coast of Brittany in France.

I only saw this "Fine" version which is fine by me since the last jar of Australian sea salt I bought is the coarse version and requires the salt mill. So now, I have 2 types of salt to play with.

Here is the link to the other gourmet cooking salt :

I have just baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies with this salt - maybe it's psychology and/or maybe it's the Lindt chocolate chunks I have used in place of chocolate chips, today's cookies just tasted better!

Bon App├ętit!

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