Monday, December 04, 2006

Simple Panfried Salmon with "Greek" Salad

I bought a very pretty bottle of salt.... It's Australian. Would prefer French fleur de sel.... and best if it comes with a salt grinder... Anyway, that has to wait until my next trip to France.

Salt is not created equal....
The first thing I made was a simple piece of salmon rubbed with garlic and the "gourmet" salt (broken down to bits with pestle and mortar) and panfried with very little olive oil on a non-stick pan. I gave a few shakes of chilli flakes on it as I was turning the sides.

I had the panfried salmon with a "Greek" salad... cos we are having a wine & cheese party tomorrow. Hence, the feta is omitted here since we are going to be on a cheese binge. Barry had a baked potato in addition to the fish and salad.

The salad pictured here is made based on Barry's "secret" recipe (which he said can only be given to his wife - but his sister, Alisa sent me the recipe. Bless her.) The main difference between Barry's Greek salad and mine is the vinegar used. His calls for white wine vinegar while mine, red wine vinegar.

Verdict : This very much more expensive salt gave a better flavour to the fish.... don't know if psychological or not... And now, really no desire to even touch my 1-pack-for-RM0.70-salt. They do look very processed!

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