Friday, June 15, 2007

Pacifica Grill - Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Today was the last day of Oil and Gas Asia 2007 (OGA 2007) Exhibition at KL Convention Centre and I managed to squeeze in some time to visit. I also made plans to meet up with 3 major clients for lunch. We went to Pacifica Grill, Mandarin Oriental Hotel which was just next door to KL Convention Centre.

We were given complimentary signature bread - warm and crisp-on-the-outside multi-grain bread. They have dried apricots in them too, giving the bread a slight tang.
We were asked to choose other breads from the bread basket - I picked the sesame soft roll but forgot to eat it. I was paying a lot of attention to the discussion that I wasn't focusing on the food. So bad.... I did finish my slice of the multi-grain bread though.
Crustacean Soup (RM42.00) - So light and delicious!! Yea, am partial to soups. As the conversation became less serious, I could put a bit of focus back onto my lunch.
Green Salad (RM48.00) - The vegetarian-on-Friday-client liked this - look at the generous shavings of cheese! - it also has cucumber spaghetti under the salad.
1/2 Boston Lobster (RM138.00) - who doesn't like lobster? It was done just right - still juicy and soft and the flesh thoroughly pre-separated for me so that I didn't have to battle with the shell. I didn't like the asparagus/pomelo soupy thingy in the shot-like glass... the pomelo made it bitter.... and the crackers were pretty tasteless and no longer crispy...likely there for decor only.
Polenta with yam frites (RM48.00) - for the vegetarian-on-Friday-client. She finished this except for some of the yam fries.
Griled Halibut with Unagi Ravioli (RM84.00) - said the ravioli was tasteless - fish was wiped clean but the pasta left behind. Client said fish was fresh. Chicken Supreme (RM88.00) - The client liked the chicken but apparently she is not a fan of zucchini - see the yellow and green zucchini weave to cover the chicken?
Complimentary sweets - mainly chocolates
I would say Pacifica Grill's service was excellent but price was way too high (like 2 Perrier+3 Evian for RM60 before tax and service charge! - after all, its a hotel restaurant.... ) for most of its offerings.

I remember its food was much better when I went there in January this year. If we didn't need the peace and quiet, I would have picked somewhere else but alas! it was Friday and there was an exhibition going on, so KLCC was totally packed with people at lunch time.


mama bok said...

Didn't think lobsters were so ex.. ! you should have seen the lobsters .. my FIL gets for me.. cheap, cheap..! will post it up for you to see .. on my blog. ;)

Diary of Kay El said...

Am glad they are ex tho... else, cholesterol can shoot sky high! LOL! will check out your lobster for sure! A few brownie points for your FIL!

ivan said...

The Pacifica Grill seems to be one of the most expensive restaurants in KL.

This was told to me by my friends who stay at the hotel and eat there regularly.

Alas, would have loved to go there though. ;)

Diary of Kay El said...

I fully agree the price is really over the top but the service staff really pay full attention to diners. Food is usually excellent though. Let me know earlier the next time you drop by KL.