Friday, June 08, 2007

Just Heavenly - Durian Chocolate Cake

I have been craving durian products. I just had Durian Bavarois from Isthmus last Wednesday and earlier this week, I placed an order for a Durian Chocolate Cake from Just Heavenly. A whole 9 inch cake! Sigh, food cravings make me do weird things.

My first experience with cakes from Just Heavenly was last year at Barry's clinic's first birthday bash. It was so delicious and as far as I know, everybody who had it, loved it! It even had the clinic logo on it. And no, it wasn't with durians.
Am just showing 2 pictures of the "uncut" Durian Chocolate cake for a start as I will slice it tomorrow at mom's (durian smell is quite the lethal weapon if used against Barry). I was told that once cut, it has to be finished within a day.... so, I just have to be patient and wait till tomorrow to share with the rest of the clan. They so love durians!

This morning, I got a call from Just Heavenly to ask if I want a normal or chilli glaze.... hmm... chilli+durian+chocolate?.... i was curious yet a bit skeptical but went ahead with chilli glaze anyways. I won't know if I don't try. Besides, I was informed that chilli glaze was what they used on the little ones that they sell at their Damansara Heights' outlet.

The dark beauty of a cake is now sitting lonely in the spare fridge before judgement day.
I observed a few things from this chocolate durian cake makan (eating) session.

1. Some like durian more than chocolate and vice versa - I saw the exchange of plates between my sis and her daughter halfway through their cake - my niece loved the chocolate cake part while my sis loved the durian filling/mousse of the cake more.

2. The "older generation in the family heart durians while within the "younger" generation, about 50-50. Half of them love durian while the other half totally cannot stand it.

3. In the "younger" generation that dislikes durians, majority of them are the boys.

4. The "younger" generation generally prefers chocolate cake.

5. Also, of the "younger" generation that loved the durian part, they were the really young ones (aged 5 to 8) who probably are not too conscious of the smell.

6. The chilli taste was not obvious; only my spice-sensitive nice detected it and did not finish her slice.

Nonetheless, whole cake was wiped clean yesterday - the general comments were the very kaw (strong) chocolate and durians = real stuffs, very rich and a few said too sweet. And that's because we are generally not sweet-toothed.

See the durian flesh in the picture below? Really potent durian taste and smell that can only be from real durian flesh.


boo_licious said...

Aaah, a whole cake look so good vs the mini one.

Diary of Kay El said...

Most times, food taste better in smaller portions.... just enough to satisfy a person's hunger yet not too much as to leave him/her craving for more. it's psychology, i guess.

Lindsay Gasik said...

I really enjoyed your observation about who likes durian. It's strange to me that the younger generation would dislike durian - after all we are supposedly the less repressed. I would love to know your opinion on why the younger generations do not like durian as much as the older. You might be interested in my durian blog, I'm trying to create a recipe index as well. If you have any recipes you would like to contribute, please don't hesitate to send them over! Thanks

Diary of Kay El said...

Thanks or visiting.
My observation is based on a pool of Asians (specifically Malaysians who are my family). Sweeping generalisation that these "Western" educated Malaysian Chinese tends to be more Western-like... hence the dislike for durians.
On the contrary, for the Western part, the younger generation may be less repressed and more adventurous.