Sunday, October 21, 2007

Miyako Japanese Restaurant at Sheraton Subang Hotel and Towers

May told me about the October lobster set meal promo at Miyako Japanese Restaurant at RM88++ per person (2nd person eats for free with Starwood card). May is so good with info of all that is happening in the F & B arena. I called up Sunny and Irene to arrange for dinner because they too have the Starwood card.

We went on Thursday because the lobster set dinner promo is only available from Monday to Thursday (am not sure if they have it for lunch).

Good thing we were given table next to Sunny and Irene.
Starter - smoked salmon roll, lidako, edamame, fish cake and cold cucumber and jellyfish salad
Sashimi - very generous in size!
Scallop and mixed mushroom soup - my favourite course!
Fresh scallops! Again, pretty generous of the resto!
Grilled shrimps - taste-wise, kinda weird as it has something sweet topping it (possibly mirin).
Fried tofu with batter of mixed vegetable julienne (2pcs). Very filling....
Teriyaki spiny lobster with sauteed bean sprouts and yellow zucchini - I was so stuffed that I had to pass some of the lobster to Barry. I think they were a bit over-cooked.
Picture to show white rice and miso soup that accompanied the teriyaki lobster.
Another of my all-time favourite, green tea ice-cream with azuki beans. I don't usually take dessert but this is great because it's usually not too sweet.

With Starwood card, the bill for 2 of us came up to about RM107 (incl. tea). It is not bad at all!

Today, we went Japanese again courtesy of Barry's friends who took us for a great dinner at Agefuku of appetiser, sanma shioyaki, amazingly soft chawan mushi, Kobe beef sukiyaki, unagi kabayaki, edamame, tempura moriawase and salads.

We ate out a lot over the week. Apart from Japanese, we had seafood with Mike Z for his birthday, dim sum with mom, sis and her family. Hve to give our tummies a rest from all the pigging out.


mama bok said...

I wanna come home..!!! things are just so super cheap in malaysia..!! and here.. i'm paying like RM$35.00 for a plate of beef hor fun..!! and it's nothing to shout about..!!! i wanna cry here..!!

Diary of Kay El said...

LOL! The question is now : Is earning CAD (which is stronger now against USD) more important than great, reasonably-priced food in South-East Asia?

irenekay said...

i liked the soup too...!!!! The lobster definitely hafta to go with rice cuz its abit too salty. The tempura thingy is kinda salty to eat by its own

I dont mind doin DTF again when the menu are more complete. Another one I heard is Crystal Jade xiu long pau in Lot 10...lotsa soup.... ;)

btw, thats my bro and mom....;)

Diary of Kay El said...

Oh yea... I forgot that lobster was salty cos I gave most of it to B. Crystal Jade in Singapore not bad - quite like it.
Opps... Sorry. Dude, your mom looked so young - like chi-mui...