Saturday, October 06, 2007

Engagement Lunch II - East Ocean Teochew Restaurant@Shaw Centre

Hairy crab season is here!!! Scored huge while I was in Singapore earlier this week for meetings - the boss took us out for hairy crab lunch (would have a fne meal at the newly-renovated Les Amis@Shaw Centre if client hadn't cancelled dinner appointment!).

Bird's nest and sharksfin soup
Hairy crab spring rolls
See the crab roe?
Hairy crab dumpling (xiao loong bao)
Chicken thigh meat with black pepper sauce
The star of the meal : Hairy crab hersef!! Roe so thick - almost like a perfect runny egg yolk but waaaaay tastier. The restaurant even make it eat-friendly by cutting the legs and claws into pieces and squeezing out the meat a little (I forgot to take the pic of the finely laid out appendages of the crab)
Ahhh.. orgasmic!
La mian with hairy crab meat sauce
Black sesame glutinous rice ball in ginger soup
Mixed fruits

A must have for hairy crab lovers - I certainly enjoyed it - my faves were the soup, spring roll, dumpling and the crab, of course!

Approx. SGD90/person overall.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant Pte. Ltd.
1 Scotts Road, #02-18 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Tel : +65 6235 9088

Mon - Fri : 11.30am to 3pm/6pm to 11pm
Sat, Sun & Public Hol : 10am to 3pm/6pm to 11pm
Dim sum available for lunch


mama bok said...

At this point of time.. i wouldn't mind paying $90 .. to eat these yummy food..!
I so missed..CRABS..!!

emy said...

Does it mean that hairy crab season is around the corner again? I was just looking for the East Ocean restaurant review and found your site.

The dishes look divine!