Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween 2007

We just came back from a spooktacular fun Halloween party organised by Marc-Andre, Chris and Michelle. Barry and I went as Plug and Socket - Barry's trying to connect...
Hey, it fits both ways!
The hosts : Michelle (Gypsy) and Chris (Pharaoh - King Tutankuarrie) - Thanks for the great partayyy - I loved the hot wings served!
Tim and Marc-Andre (also the host) as 70s's ping-pong players. Check out Tim's short shorts!

Ouch! Smacked by Emily Strange (Yvonne) and Dorothy (Janice)
Captain Jack Sparrow and Dracula - now we know why Captain Jack Sparrow doesn't die...
Banana Telephone (Aaron) with Dorothy and her Ruby Red Shoes!
This is so kool! There is actually music piped-in! Honest!
Dorothy and Casey Jones of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mike) - check out Dorothy's expression!
Dorothy got spooked!
YIKES!!!! The Crow!
Army Guy, The Devil herself, Madonna (Like a Virgin era)
Supergirl! (Jenn)
Supergirl strutting her stuff!
Supergirl and Casey Jones
Laura & Leon as themselves
Laura decided to change her costume............
Too much speaking over the phone - sore ears!
Plague of the Big Ears upon Egypt! Can't explain the Pharaoh's funny eyes though....

We had a blast of a time! Thanks to Marc-Andre, Chris and Michelle!


mama bok said...

Hahahahah!! i love yours and barry's outfit..!! so cute..!! and so original lah..!! and made me laugh so hard.. both of you . ;)

Diary of Kay El said...

Glad you had some laughs. We like people laughing at us and with us. Ha!