Saturday, October 06, 2007

Engagement Lunch I - Reunion@Bangsar Village II

Upon my return from holiday, 6 of us in the company who weren't traveling went for lunch at Reunion at Bangsar Village II for my recent engagement.

I would put quite high marks for ambience - decor is very simple (simplicity is an art) yet classy chic and cosy. Lighting is excellent - one ceiling light for each table which shines exactly at the middle where the dishes are placed - so, no hot light shining down on our heads; Telly Savalas-esque people would approve.

Their menu cover has lovely, intricate embroidery of crysanthemum flowers.

Stirfried fish with spring onion
Siew yok (roast pork), suckling pig and char siew (BBQ pork) - we loved the roasted meats at Reunion so much so that we ordered a second helping of char siew, roast duck and roast chicken. The sticky sweet char siew is a must-try along with the suckling pig.
Butter prawns - fresh prawns with sauce redolent of butter sweetness and a slight fragrance from curry leaves.

We also had a Mapo Tofu (just ok) and stirfried veg (seriously, I couldn't remember! - was asked about the proposal and wedding plans throughout lunch).

Price a little steep - All above + steamed rice and tea for all 6 person came to about RM280+

We had a good time though - it is a very comfy and soothing place. My thanks to Andy for organising the lunch.

There is quite a variety in the menu - would definitely return.


mama bok said...

And congrats again..!
You should start another blog.. just for your wedding preparation.. till your wedding.. :)

Diary of Kay El said...

Thanks! and I think you have just proposed a very good idea!