Sunday, October 21, 2007

Din Tai Fung@The Gardens, at last!

As mentioned in last post on Din Tai Fung that I would get there asap, I did! Went alone to check out the "quality" before inviting others. So far, I have only been to the one in Taipei.

Though I was early (about 12.15pm, I had to wait still, for about 20 mins). Thankfully, they have chairs and tables outside for people to sit and peruse their menu while waiting.

The main problem about trying stuffs alone is the limiting stomach capacity. So, I did my best and ordered 3 items : a soup, dumplings (that's what DTF is well-known for) and a dessert.

Beef soup (RM15.00) : HUGE bowl of soup, literally. About 2 pieces of beef and quite bit of tendons (can't complain cos they were soft and delicious!). I couldn't finish the soup.
XLB - xiao loong bao (RM11.00) - Didn't taste as good as the Taipei resto - My tastebud must have been a bit wonky after filling up my tummy with the beef soup.

And Irene was having her DTF trial too at the same time, with some friends! She came over and we chatted and the dumplings went slightly cold. If I had known she was going to be at DTF, I would have the chance to try more items.

Red Bean Soup with Black Sesame filled glutinous rice balls (RM7.00 for 2 balls) - It was delicious but I was seriously full from liquid.

Was an expensive lunch affair (RM40.25 incl. tax and service charge + tea) but at least my craving for Din Tai Fung's XLB and soup was satisfied.


mama bok said...

Ya. eating in places like that.. you'll have to go with a big group.. that way.. you get to try everything.. :) nevermind .. next time i come home.. we can be makan kakis.. ;) muahahahha!!

Diary of Kay El said...

For sure! Just let me know when you do come this way! And the Canadians can entertain each other!