Saturday, March 17, 2007

Japan - Quick Lunch and Izakaya...

When I travel for work, lunch is always a quick one. One example is the below : Spaghetti with mussels in uni (sea urchin) sauce topped with spring onions and nori seaweed - it was fresh, light and good enough to sustain us till dinner which were almost always too much.... One complaint about Japanese food is the high level of sodium. For dinner on the 3rd night, we were invited to an izakaya... I thought for once dinner wasn't going to end because of the amount of food that kept coming....
Pork on skewer dipped in black sesame
Starter - baby squid with seaweed, hiyayakko (tofu), salad with mini shrimps
Tempura - see the brownish "salt"?
There were also soba..... and fruits.... Burrrrp!!

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