Saturday, March 17, 2007

Benkei, Nihonbashi, Tokyo for Tempura

Tempura dinner at Benkei - one of the most amazing tempuras I have had ever!

We were seated at the 2nd floor at one of their semi-circle counters.

According the little leaflet given out by the restaurant (the one for foreigners like me comes with a keychain in the shape of an ebi tempura!), tempura was brought to Japan from Europe in the 16th century!

There are 2 ways to enjoy tempura as explained in th leaflet :
1. With sauce (I am more familiar with this) - Mix the grated daikon (radish) into the sauce. Dip tempura in the sauce briefly before eating.
2. With salt & lemon - A dash of salt (Japanese style which is a bit brownish in colour) and lemon squeezed onto the hot tempura - simple yet the taste was amazing! Simply out of this world!

As a start, we ordered drinks. We started with Yebisu beer followed by cold sake probably because we were having hot fried food and the room was warm from the hot oil...

My sake - less dry and much, much smaller bottle than what the others had.... Didn't finish it though.
Starter - I love the kidney beans!
A small portion of sashimi
Sarada (salad)

The tempura chef at work
Some of the tempuras I had... it was not easy to take pictures with nice presentation. They were fried and served in order - it was not easy to refrain oneself from picking up the crisp light batter coated yummies and eat as soon as they were out from the oil and placed onto the paper-lined plate
Anago (sea eel) - May not score well in the looks factor but it was so delicious!
Pickles - yum!

Rice in soup with nori (seaweed)
Fresh fruits - so pretty!

Worth going back again next time but then again, there are so many good eats in Japan serving really fresh food especially seafood.... one can be too spoilt for choice.

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