Sunday, March 18, 2007

Claudia Spayed - Part III

Claudia recovered fast from ovariohysterectomy - we are so glad. And best of all, no behavioural change at all after her surgery - she is still as spunky as ever - and having also lost her 2 baby premolars just before surgery (at age of almost 6!), her appetite is now BIG!

So, I am a happy momma - baby's eating and playing well.

Here are some pictures taken after her surgery. Don't let the sleepy face fool you - she is bratty!

Post-surgery : 5th day
Post-surgery : 5th day (we gave her the nickname of "Storm trooper" because of her helmet-like hair)
Post-surgery : 12th day
Post-surgery : 12th day

A haircut is on her agenda....

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