Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eating Out : Jakarta, Indonesia - March 2007

I am beginning to sound like a broken tape recorder.... busy, busy, busy is my chant these days.... Lots happening at home and at work - trying my best to juggle things -cooking and eating are the 2 major activities which worked wonders in helping me to

Am looking forward to go back to painting - have left it for 15 years!

Anyway, another late post here - on Jakarta trip 2 weeks back.

As luck would have it, my colleague and I were moved out of the newly renovated Nikko Hotel to Mandarin Oriental Hotel as they had a fire 2 days before we arrived and water connection and etc were not in order. I don't know if I should be happy with it or not - Mandarin Oriental Jakarta is pretty tired in terms of decor - in need of renovation....

As it was late, we settled for dinner at one of the hotel restaurants - Zigolini

Beef Carpaccio for my colleague
Seared Scallpos with Bacon and Haricot Vert (french beans) for me
Ricotta filled ravioli for me (too heavy, only finished 1 out of the 3)

Our dinner at Zigolini was acceptable but nothing to shout about.

My more memorable meal apart from my all-time favourite Nasi Padang Sari Bundo (very near to Aryaduta Hotel) is Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant at Senayan City Mall.

Crispy Roast Duck with Mantou - extremely light crispy skin with tender meat with the right hint of saltiness - I dare say that this is the best roast duck I have had ever!
Hairy crab xiao long baos - picture is blurry but you can see the how moist these dumplings are. Best xiao long bao I have had ever!

We tried the la mian too but since I am not into carbohydrate food group, I can't really recall how they were.

I did miss out on Bakmi Solo's (a chain of restaurants run by wife of a client) Iga Bakar (Roast Ribs) and Bogor Cafe's Sup Buntut (Oxtail Soup)at Hotel Borobodur this time. **I find Sup Buntut from Hotel Elmi in Surabaya to be better **


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