Saturday, February 10, 2007

Company Lunch - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Andy called for lunch yesterday for this occasion since everyone travels for work and it is really hard to find a perfect time to lunch together.

We went to Oriental Restaurant at PJ Section 14's Cold Storage building.

Yap did the ordering - it was a set. We started with the ubiquitous CNY fare, yee sang. We were given salmon yee sang as it was part of the set. Personally, I would have ordered a la carte and chosen abalone yee sang. "Bao yee" - still has the "yee" right?

The salmon was fresh (most important point as the fish is eaten raw) and dressing of plum sauce and honey had the right balance of sweet and sour. And I love the crackers!! The plate was wiped clean in no time.

Salmon Yee Sang

Scallops wrapped in bacon with black pepper mayo and crispy fried lotus root circles - gave me some idea for apptisers in the future
Sharksfin with bean sprouts and a dash of black vinegar - Chinese lunch/dinner table's all-time favourite!
Steamed fish - I didn't try as I kinda prefer grilled or fried fish...
Fried quails - this dish spooked me a little as it came with the heads - nevertheless, I braved myself to try it - I must say that I do like the crispy skin and thin layer of meat (I do not like too much meat and usually go for ribs or wings when it comes to birds). Kim said it was too salty though....

Next came fried meehoon (rice noodles) with black bean sauce and fish head. More meat than the head. It was acceptable as I can tolerate a fish head better than a bird brain. I didn't finish the noodles as my tummy was alreday full after the soup course. Besides, I was thinking more about how pup was doing at the vet's.

We rounded off lunch with mango pudding with mango sauce... Would have been much better without the sauce. It overwhelmed the pudding. And as for the pudding, I have tasted many better ones...

Keegan paid this time and bill was close to RM520 for 6 person - no alcohol. The only beverage we had was Ti Kuanyin (Iron Buddha) tea.

I would say our experience would have been much better if we had gone for a la carte.... I have had very good experiences dining at Oriental before.The set menu is just ordinary.

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