Monday, February 19, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy....

It's the 5th of the 15 days of Chinese New Year.... I started work yesterday, much much earlier than I would like.

I have my dinner at Lafite and cookies I made for the new year to blog about and have not found the time to upload the pics. Will do that soon, I hope.

My next couple of weeks is looking pretty busy starting with Japan.

26 Feb to 2 March - Tokyo/Yokohama
4 to 7 March - Jakarta
8 March - Singapore
14 to 16 March - Bangkok
20 to 23 March - Taipei/Kaoshiung

and these exclude the preparation I have to do for meetings and the presentations ahead.... and reports I have to write....

There goes the rest of Feb and March 2007.....

I need an extra brain.


Jenn said...

hey woman,

with such tight schedule, take more "liong ca" and sleep more:) or else, those wrinkles will start showing! wow, sometimes, i wish i could do that much of a travelling, minus the work tho would be marvelous:p

Catch up soon...

love, jen

Diary of Kay El said...

Hi Jenn - thanks for the tips! you take care there!