Saturday, February 10, 2007

Claudia - Spayed Part II

Here is a phone camera pic of Claudia second day after her surgery...

We kept the room dark so she could sleep and have a good rest. She is much better in terms of movement - she could climb and sleep on any side now. And could beg too when we were having dinner last night and breakfast this morning.

Best of all, she has been eating and drinking and pooing and peeing normally. No behavioural change detected. The l'il brat rat has returned!

She really knows how to milk us both - we were always there next to her giving lots of hugglies, snugglies and kissies. I think it's worth giving her the extra TLC though just to make sure that she didn't think that the pain she is going through is some kind of punishment for her.

I do sound like a good parent here....

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