Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Singapore 25 - 26 January 2007

My boss from Europe came to KL - and as always, we visited Petronas Twin Towers again cos he is so impressed with them. I am too, especially at night when the lights come on. Can someone tell me how to make vertical pictures stay vertical? This is such a pain.

Back to food - After KL, I went to Singapore with him for meeting with my other colleagues in Asia-Pacific region.

We went for Chinese dinner at Crystal Jade, Takashimaya. No pictures as I was totally not in the mood having to explain a lot of budget figures during meeting earlier.... So, I drowned myself silly with Moet et Chandon champagne and kept quiet throughout dinner to let my brain recover.

I was, however, in better spirits the next day and we went to Gordon Grill at Goodwood Park Hotel which was a stone's throw from our office.

They were having mix-and-match set lunch. 4-course lunch at SGD55++ while the 3-course goes for SGD45++. Of course, being the pig I am, I went for the max.

Best thing about this is you get to try a variety - example, if you go for the 4-course set, you get to choose max. 3 types of appetiser, max. 3 types of soup, 1 type of main dish and max. 2 types of dessert.

As I just love foie gras, I choose just 1 type of appetiser - foie gras. So, the whole plate is just that.....

My immediate boss, on the other hand, went for 3 types of appetiser. He had crayfish, scallop and brandade.
I was a bit more adventurous at the 2nd course - soup. So, I ordered lobster bisque, mushroom mousse and chicken soup with truffles... And I like them all!
For main, I felt like kicking myself for ordering salmon with pappardelle pasta - common and the pasta tasted like cardboard. Apparently, the steaks were much better. They bring you slabs of them and let you choose the cuts you want. Oh well, next time then.
Irene's choice of dessert - chocolate creme brulee topped with pistachio and corn ice-cream in some milky stuff. I forget stuffs when I don't write them down...
My choice for dessert - chocolate creme brulee (they either forgot the pistachios or the waiter ate them on the way to my table) and poached pear with pear mousse.
Sharon's choice of dessert - 1 full portion of chocolate creme brulee - my advice : if you do not want to order a variety, make sure you know for sure that you will like whatever you choose. She didn't finish hers - too sweet when taken in high dosages.

So, if you like freshness and variety and a quiet, classy place to have business luncheon in Singapore, Gordon Grill is a great choice.

As usual, I make my way back by catching the dinner time flight - so, no proper dinner. For me, it's either to enjoy another great meal or be home earlier by 4 hours - naturally, I choose the latter. Always.

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