Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Celebration

We (Elsa, her bro Kyle, Sai, Beth, Mike Z, Mike Owen, Ruben, Lisa song, Augusta, Chris, new lecturer Nancy, Mark Shim, Dian, Barry and I) had New Year's eve dinner at a Mediterranean resto, Basque Lane at Mont Kiara. It was organised by Elsa.

Will post more pictures soon..... I was enjoying myself silly catching up with friends that I didn't really bother with the pictures. Will get more pics from Elsa.
Toast to the new year! You can tell we had lots of wine.....
Barry and me..... we have this tradition to herald in the new year when the clock strikes 12am ... won't tell what exactly but it includes me wishing him Happy Birthday first before Happy New Year....

Going back to food, I opted for tapas instead of their buffet. And it proved to be a good choice. Barry had the lamb rack. Apparently not that good and more fat on lamb than meat.

Mushroom soup - The picture doesn't show the yumminess but it is very tasty with fresh mushrooms and the right level of creaminess - neither too thick nor too runny
Tomato bruschetta
Chicken liver pate - No gamey smell and very fresh - Excellent as it was beyond my expections. One note is that bread is also fresh and delicious here
Lamb skewers
Chilli prawns - Gambas a la plancha - if you're not used to spice, don't order this.
Pesto prawns for Barry - with fresh basil. Pretty unexpected.
Barry blowing out the candles on his birthday cake

And best of all, he got his NFL football as his birthday gift that night. I do not know how but Mark, Dian and Tim miraculously arranged for this - can't get this here nor in Canada... apparently, Canadian football and American football are different.
You can tell that many share his joy of a newfound ball - L to R : Chris, Mike Owen, Barry

We had a great time in the company of friends!

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