Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lindsay Street, Winnipeg

Jerry (Barry's dad) sent us some pictures of his home and it's surrounding area taken on 31 Dec to show the thick snow (10 cm or more, I think).

Check this out..... see the difference between Dec and Oct pictures?

Car Park Area
October 2006
December 2006
Front of Home
October 2006
December 2006

Street in Front of Home
October 2006 2006
December 2006
Pictures are so postcard like..I just couldn't resist posting them all here....

This is what Christmas should be like!!!! Don't get me wrong, I know the meaning of Christmas... it's not snow, sleigh and santa....

But snow just looks so awesome in pictures! But I wouln't want to be in the snow for too long... they say it's warm for this time of the year at minus 5 deg C in Winnipeg...I say Brrr....Brrr...Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Hot chocolate and Hotshots please!

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Jenn said...

yeah, snow is heaven! I could still remember my first snow experience in berlin...seeing snow for the very first time in my life! it was magical...but no fun when it started melting all over:) cool pics!