Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Phuket 28 - 31 January 2007

Barry and I had a blast of a holiday in Phuket... it was the first visit for me and I totally loved it.

This sunset at Andaman Sea greeted us when we arrived Phuket.
This near cloudless (see one tiny puff on the right hand corner) blue sky greeted us the next day and for the 3 days we were there.... so calm and peaceful...
Endless beach - 8km I was told.... we got burnt just walking on the beach - I am now actually as dark as 97% pure chocolate and more....
We so love the sun and sea!

Barry & I hanging out (literally!) on the beach at night after dinner....
Another one of our night time after dinner activities... fooling around at the hammocks at the hotel.... Earlier during the day, Barry took pictures of me sleeping in one of them - totally zonked out.
We stayed at Sheraton Grande Laguna, Bangtao Bay which proved to be a good choice (after having spent 1 day in Patong, I have to say that I prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of the perennial party place, Patong).

Pool area - Sheraton
Part of the pool that encircles the hotel buildings at Sheraton
Lots of these flowers (also white ones!) and FROGS in the pond at the hotel
Welcome to Patong - nice for me for a day trip... too many people... we got a 1mx1m abstract painting for our living room! Uber cool!
It was truly an awesome much-needed holiday for us. We love Tum’s excellent superSHIOK green curry (I drool at the thought of the seafood version) at the beach, the BEACH!! (every inch of the burnt and itching skin after is worth it), the sunset, traipsing all over Patong looking for best RM-BAHT exchange rate in town, the painting shopping and the haggling, the near-daily massages (BAHT500 for 2 hours of oil massage - bliss!!!), those stray dogs on the beach with amazing coat and skin (so glad to see that they are loved by the visitors), the do-nothing-but-just-flip days, Burger King burgers with BACON, the beautiful pool at hotel, the free-with-every-meal juicy and as-sweet-as-me watermelon and pineapple and so much more!
And I so love how little clothes we brought - and yet still too much!

Hotel room balcony - happy campers
We will be back for sure!


irenekay said...

burger king??? bacon deluxe??? which part of phuket!?????

Diary of Kay El said...

We went to the easiest one - airport. No mushroom swiss though. Hey, we should have a trip together with the 2 boys.

Jenn said...


Phuket looks really nice...i love the beautiful sunset